Steering Behaviors for Ruby game dev now on Github, Rubygems

I just released my Steering Behaviors package to Github, and an accompanying Gem to Rubygems.

If you’re building a game, you’ll want your game agents and characters to exhibit realistic motion. A standard way of doing this is with ‘steering behaviors’.

The seminal paper by Craig Reynolds established a core set of steering behaviors that could be utilized for a variety of common movement tasks. These include such behaviors as predictive pursuit, fleeing, arrival, and wandering. This Ruby library can accomplish many/most of those tasks for your Ruby / JRuby game.

The basic behaviors can be layered for more complicated and advanced behaviors, such as flocking and crowd movement.

Embellishments and expansions are planned, but this is working software you can use to drive your own game’s characters. (I’m using it in my own game programming.) The Github repo includes working graphical examples, and you can install the Gem for easier and more direct use in your own game.

Pull requests are enthusiastically encouraged.



2 thoughts on “Steering Behaviors for Ruby game dev now on Github, Rubygems

  1. I have an issue here: When I try to run ./ from my Terminal in Linux Mint, it gives me the Error Message: Invalid Option -J (see -h for valid options).

    I’m not really sure what goes wrong, as the Application is supposed to work out of the box.

    • I’m almost certain that this is because you aren’t running the examples under JRuby, but under regular MRI Ruby. Make sure you’ve switched to jruby first (e.g. if you’re using RVM: “rvm use jruby”) before running the examples.

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