Introducing AlwaysNRST for iPad and iPhone

I’m pleased to report that Apple has approved my new aviation app, AlwaysNRST.

AlwaysNRST constantly displays airports near you, with Direct-To info to the nearest color-coded by glide-ability in the event of an engine-out. I think you’ll enjoy it. I put it through bona fide flight testing and it works as advertised, and its database of 34,000+ airports includes facilities worldwide.

Check it out now in the App Store!

Do you always know your nearest airport? You should! AlwaysNRST can help improve your situational awareness. Designed as a training aid for students and instructors alike, this utility will help keep your “ADM” (aeronautical decision making) skills sharp by continuously telling you the location of the nearest airport to yourself.

AlwaysNRST uses your device’s GPS to provide a realtime display of fixed-wing airports in your vicinity, along with continuously-updated Direct-To routing to the closest one. Input your aircraft’s glide ratio and AlwaysNRST will color-code the course line to indicate your probability of reaching that field in the event of an engine failure.

AlwaysNRST requires no network connection to operate – it has thousands of airports in its database, and can perform its functionality offline.

+ Nearly 34,000 WORLDWIDE fixed-wing airports included in the app
+ Realtime calculation of Direct-To routing to closest airport to you
+ Native iPhone AND iPad interfaces (universal app)
+ Color-coded course line indicates probability of reaching airport without power
+ “North Up” and “Heading Up” modes
+ No network required for airport display and direct-to calculation
+ Compatible with external GPS receivers like the Dual XGPS150
+ iOS 6 and iPhone 5 (large-display) compatible


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