Humorously informative Rails logging

I’ll just leave this here:

module ActiveSupport
  # Format the buffered logger with timestamp/severity info.
  class BufferedLogger
    NUMBER_TO_NAME_MAP  = {0=>'meh', 1=>'fyi', 2=>'hmm', 3=>'wtf', 4=>'omg', 5=>'???'}
    NUMBER_TO_COLOR_MAP = {0=>'1;30',  1=>'0;36', 2=>'0;33', 3=>'1;33',  4=>'1;31',  5=>'0;37'}

    def add(severity, message = nil, progname = nil, &block)
      return if @level > severity
      sevstring = NUMBER_TO_NAME_MAP[severity]
      color     = NUMBER_TO_COLOR_MAP[severity]

      message = (message || (block && || progname).to_s
      message = "\033[0;37m#{}\033[0m [\033[#{color}m" + sprintf("%-3s","#{sevstring}") + "\033[0m] #{message.strip} (pid:#{$$})\n" unless message[-1] == ?\n
      buffer << message

(To use, put this code in an initializer in config/initializers and restart. Provides highly-readable, timestamped, colorized logging for your rails app.)

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