Introducing Wild Blue Flight Tools for iPad & iPhone

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When I set out to write Wild Blue Flight Tools, it was, as they say, to “scratch an itch.” I wanted a solid, stable set of computerized tools to remove the drudge-work from everyday in-flight calculations and activities. I knew that this would help me be a better pilot, a more efficient pilot, and do my job with a higher degree of skill and professionalism. I wanted a tool to help me deliver solid PIREPs, a tool to help me plan long trips, and a tool to do tasks that the human mind can do (but shouldn’t have to).

I also had some ideas for features that were completely absent in the generic “E6-B” type tools that have proliferated in the iTunes App Store. I wanted a quick way to record important times like engine start, time off, and so on. I wanted a way to determine the best route between two points without needing network connectivity. I wanted a digital minutes/seconds approach timer that was big and easy to read. Wild Blue Flight Tools has the generic E6-B calculations that people expect, of course, but it has powerful original features too:

  • Route assistant
    Network-free, automatic optimal-route planning between FAA navaids and fixes…
  • Time recorder
    Tap to record important times such as Engine Start & Stop, Block Out & In, Takeoff, Landing, and so on…
  • Descent planner
    Let the tool plan your descent to a new altitude in FPM and nautical miles…
  • Density altitude
    Not just the usual “quickie” dry density altitude, but also an accurate humidity-corrected density altitude based on dewpoint…
  • Wind direction & velocity
    Actual wind direction and velocity, also separated into headwind/crosswind components…
  • Approach timer
    A minutes-seconds approach timer for IFR approaches…
  • International units
    Inches of mercury or millibars, feet or meters, knots or MPH, Celsius or Fahrenheit, you’re covered…
  • Other useful calculators
    Pressure altitude and true airspeed…

I sincerely want this application to be the very best set of flying tools available for iOS.

Here’s a link to the application home page:


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