CNN covers HealthWeaver, my team’s software for cancer patients

At the University of Washington I am a Software Architect in the Department of Medical Education and Biomedical Informatics (say that three times fast!) where I am embedded with a cancer research team.  We are working on ways to use software and the Internet to improve the lives and well-being of breast cancer patients.

On April 16 CNN profiled our HealthWeaver software and interviewed my professor and team leader, Dr. Wanda Pratt.  From the UW Information School News:

Dr. Pratt’s work with cancer patients profiled by CNN features a story about the work of UW iSchool Associate Professor Wanda Pratt and her team. The team has developed an online system called HealthWeaver. HealthWeaver includes a social networking tool, and aims to help cancer patients manage information about their care, get their questions answered and interact with others who can aid them in their treatment.

CNN reporter Elizabeth Landau interviewed Dr. Pratt and Biomedical and Health Informatics Ph. D. student Meredith Skeels after their research presentations at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Atlanta this week. Other members of Pratt’s team include Kent Unruh, who was instrumental in formulating the idea; Chris Powell, who programmed the system; and many breast cancer patients and survivors who contributed to the design. The HealthWeaver core research team includes Andrea Civan Hartzler, Pedja Klasnja, and Marlee Mukai.

The full CNN article: Social networking makes it easier for patients to ask for help


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